Customized Packaging Solutions for your Industry

With our extensive vertical integration, we’re equipped to offer or develop a wide range of solutions tailored to your needs. We are eager to take on your unique challenges!

Medication stored safely

Plastic Packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry

We produce packaging for the pharmaceutical industry in compliance with GMP standards, available both printed and unprinted, and suitable for various applications—from tablet packaging to pill boxes and measuring spoons. We also specialize in bespoke solutions, such as packaging for test strips.

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Our certifications are comprehensive, and we consistently meet all industry standards.

Vitamins preserved

Food supplements

Our extensive standard range for effervescent tablet packaging offers suitable solutions from various tube formats, eliminating the need for additional mold costs. We offer over 250 different formats, ranging in diameters from 14.5 mm to 61.6 mm and lengths from 27.0 mm to 198.6 mm. We also provide diverse closure systems, tailored to your requirements, and comply with current food directives (European Regulations 1935/2004/EC and 10/2011/EC). Our products are manufactured following BRC standards for product protection and hygiene.

Our certifications are diverse, and we meet all necessary requirements consistently.

Tubes and closures, all from a single source

System packaging

In collaboration with our partner company, we offer not just plastic packaging but also the optimal closure for your product. All combinations are tested and harmonized using the PPA indicator leak test. 

System provider:

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Individual Solutions

Liquids and Powders, easily dosed

Our lab solutions cover test strip packaging, plunger rods for syringes, inhalers, measuring cups, and dosing spoons. We also welcome custom requests.

Beauty perfectly packaged

Our production processes and hygienic framework conditions enable us to create packaging for the cosmetics industry. Our existing range includes round tins and cream containers, and we’re equipped to develop bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs.

Of course, we also offer customized solutions.

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