Shaping the Future: Our Path to Sustainable Plastics Production

“Sustainability in the Plastics Sector: Responsibility Meets Innovation”

At JACO, we prove that sustainable action is also possible in the plastics industry. Our commitment to energy efficiency is confirmed by certification in accordance with the “Alternative system for improving energy efficiency in accordance with § 3 SpaEfV”.

Innovative Bioplastics for Sustainable Packaging Solutions

JACO relies on a sustainable production process that uses environmentally friendly resources and minimizes the ecological impact. The use of bioplastics reflects our commitment to environmental protection and the promotion of renewable materials. Our packaging therefore not only offers quality and safety, but also contributes to a more sustainable world:

Bio-based materials:

We use raw materials such as corn, grain and sugar cane to produce plastics that are not based on petroleum and thus reduce the environmental impact.

Biodegradable properties:

Our packaging made from biodegradable plastics offers the advantage that it can decompose naturally under certain conditions, resulting in a lower environmental impact.

Adapted permeability:

For specific applications, especially food packaging, we use the advantageous properties of bioplastics to ensure optimal permeability. This enables us to produce packaging that is either made entirely from bio-based plastics or a combination of renewable raw materials and conventional polypropylene.

Our aim is to offer sustainable and high-quality packaging solutions through continuous innovation and consideration of customer specifications.

By saying "Yes to JACO" you are also saying "Yes to the environment". Find out more about our industry-specific solutions and shape a green future with us.

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